BeBe Sounds - White Noise, Lullaby, Nursery Rhymes

BeBe Sounds - White Noise, Lullaby, Nursery Rhymes


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BeBe Sounds - don't cry ! my baby (White noise, Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes)

✔️ Lull your crying baby using white noise, put him/her to bed easily playing lullabies and watch your little one's favorite programmes on Baby & Kids Nursery Rhymes together.

* major features

1. White noise : Nothing beats calming ambient sounds that your baby has heard/ is familiar with and that block out irritating background noises, when it comes to soothing your crying baby.
What's more, white noise helps babies fall asleep better, improve memories and ease negative feelings.

- music box
- shheeee! sound
- plastic bag sound
- brain wave sound
- heart beat sound
- sea waves sound
- bird sound
- rain sound
- storm sound
- nature sound
- cricket sound
- water drop sound
- shower sound
- hair dryer sound
- wash machine sound
- TV sound
- vacuum sound

2. Lullaby : 14 most beloved lullabies from all around the world, such as "Twinkle Twinkle little star" are included.

- hush little baby (song)
- lullaby good night (song)
- twinkle twinkle little star (song)
- rock a bye baby (song)
- sweet dreams angel (piano)
- brahms lullaby (piano)
- sonata en 'la' mayer, k 300 (music box)
- arms of love (music box)
- the sleepyhead (music box)
- space oddity (music box)
- ave maria (classic)
- song to sleep (classic)
- golden lumbers (classic)
- cradle song (classic)

3. Nursery Rhymes : Videos of some favorite nursery rhymes for babies & kids and toddlers can be viewed via youtube. As all the videos in this app can play from 30 minutes up to 2 hours non-stop, it is a great way to keep your little one interested and entertained while in car, during meals or when you cannot play with them.

- ChuChu TV - Nursery Rhymes
- Kids TV Nursery Rhymes
- LittleBabyBum Nursery Rhymes
- Farmees - Kids 3D Nursery Rhymes
- LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes
- Videogyan 3D Rhymes
- Busy Beavers Kids song
- Mother Goose Club Baby Song
- Masha and The Bear - cartoons compilation for kids
- HooplaKidz Nursery Rhymes
- Dave and Ava - Rhymes Baby Songs
- ABCkidTV - Kids Song
- Baby Nursery Rhymes
- Bounce Patrol Kids
- Super Simple Songs
- TuTiTuTV
- Nursery Rhymes
- Pinkfong! Kids Songs
- Little Red Car - Nursery Rhymes
- BabyTV - Nursery Rhymes
- Octonauts - Cartoons for Kids
- Nellie And Ned - kids song
- Larva TUBA - Cartoons For Children

4. Notes on Use

Please feel free to contact the developer for assistance, if you experience any problems or there are any improvements to be made.

Advertising revenue of the included Youtube videos goes to the original copyright holders. If a video gets blocked on Youtube, it also applies to the relevant video in this app.

Furthermore, some Youtube videos may not be available in certain countries and areas.

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