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[Bfit APP Smart Scale]
Still bow to measure weight?
☞ Bfit APP help to manage you body weight
※ Using Bfit Smart body scale, without other complex settings the measured physical body information can be automatically sent to smartphone to manage.

▶ Bfit APP Coach Manual(Normal Mode)
① Install the Bfit APP on your smartphone, open and input user's basic information.
② Click the "ⓑ" button, then measure by Bfit Smart scale.
※ even without Bfit Smart scale, weight information can also be entered manually (click "ⓑ" again) to manage
③ Bfit APP automatic link to smartphone, easy to confirm the weight, BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolism).
④ Recode physical information, manage by chart.

▶ Pragnancy Mode Manual
① Change the execution mode to Pregnancy Mode in the setting menu of the APP. Input basic information about pregnancy, with the same general pattern of usage.
※ Providing weekly infomation and weight management fuction during pregnancy.

▶ Infant Care Function Manual
① Change the execution mode to Infant Care Mode in the setting menu of the APP. Input basic information about your children, follow APP's message to measure weight of protector together with children.
※ Body weight massage of protector and children can be recorded at the same time. (can record up to 3 children)

▶ Workout Function Manual
① Click Workout button on the bottom, choose sports.
② Set workout goal, click "Start" to get start!
※ Press the "Input" button, to input exercise time manually.
③ After end the exercise, click "End" to confirm the calorie consumption, save for management.

▶ Bfit APP coach to help you manage your health more handy and efficiently.
- Bfit APP coach convenient functions: Workout Management, Recipe Management, Goal Weight, Alarm function, SNS function, Password function etc.

Bfit focus on providing convenience comprehensive health care services via smart phone. Aiming global health care system using to wireless sonic communications technology. Wireless sonic communication is ours unique technology and IoT business new way communication technology.

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