Bikini Body 2, Abs and Waist

Bikini Body 2, Abs and Waist


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Bikini Body 2, Abs and Waist

This bikini body challenge is a thirty days workout series to give you the unique opportunity to transform your body in real time.

This 30 days bikini body challenge is a step in the right direction towards the body of your dreams! This is the perfect opportunity to use this 30 days not only to do exercise but to build a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Once you start eating well and exercising, you REALLY start to see the benefits!

The 30 day bikini body challenge is not just for summer, it can give you fantastic results all year round as it is a great total body workout. It combines two different exercise tutorials per week, so it’s eight in total. To complete some of the exercises you will need ankle weights and a resistant band.

This is the second workout of this series designed to sculpt the perfect bikini figure. This is a weight-optional routine, so use weight for the non-jumping exercises if you'd like. Repeat the whole workout two or three times for best results.
Here's your schedule for week 1:

Monday: Buttocks and Legs (previous)
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: Buttocks and Legs (previous)
Thursday: Abs and waist workout (this tutorial)
Friday: cardio day (at least 30 minutes of cardio)
Saturday: Buttocks/Legs + Abs
Sunday: rest day
And get ready for the week 2!

You don't have to start on a Monday, but try to follow this sequence.
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