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BJP- Dindoshi


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Meet Team Dindoshi (Mumbai) of The Bharatiya Janata Party.
The Bharatiya Janata Party is today the most prominent member of the family of organisations known as the "SanghParivar" and nurtured by the RashtriaSwyamsevakSangh (RSS). Like the RSS, the BJP is wedded to India’s unity and integrity, its intrinsic identity and the social strength, individual character and cultural uniqueness that have been the hallmark of this great country and its people for millennia.
Hindutva or Cultural Nationalism presents the BJP's conception of Indian nationhood. It must be noted that Hindutva is a nationalist, and not a religious or theocratic, concept.
In the recent times, Shri Narendra Modi has outlined his vision for the India of tomorrow which resonates with the BJP's philosophy of “Sab kasaath, Sab kavikas”.
The comprehensive vision laid out by Shri Modi builds on the heritage of India's rich social and cultural diversity, its tradition, the talent of our human resource and the aspirations of the women and youth.
The concept of Brand India envisioned by Shri Modi encapsulates all the sectors that have the potential to make India a global power. The 5-Ts of Brand India are Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism and Technology.
The concept of Rainbow of India envisions seven key focus areas which will be the overarching theme of all initiatives to make India a developed nation. These themes are India's culture, agriculture, women, natural resources, youth power, democracy and knowledge.
Finally, Shri Modi outlined an eight point key development model, with detailed initiatives on each, to put India back on high growth path and deliver good governance to the citizens.
To know more about this ‘Party with a Difference’ and get informed about its history, philosophy, about its leaders- especially news on the party’s mandates towards development in Dindoshi constituency at Mumbai, check out on this mobile app.
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