Blackboard Classroom Math Duel

Blackboard Classroom Math Duel


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Welcome to Cool Math Games With Friends - The Best Math Game for All Ages:

Studies teach us that both hemispheres of an adults brain, while in comparison with a child's devleoping and imaginative brain are not superior in these type of games! Train your brain to solve mathematical problems quick.
Nobody needs a jack of all trades, but master of none.
So improve your math skills and play games at this unique app. Easy, simple, and fun to learn.

Games that we used to play when class-rooms still used Chalk boards...

Cool Math Games presents: Calculator Nostalgia - A game which is played using your Google Play calculator.

The nostalgic mathematics game-play difficulty level is yours to choose between "Training Mode" which is carefully designed to challenge the calculating skills for a Middle School/Junior High School player, and between "New Game" mode which is hard to manage your time from expring for a college level player.

This games include: - Addition - Subtraction - Multiplication - Division.

A fair match-up that features calculation tools of a Junior High student. At the end of each round, we will give you a full analysis of how to improve your math by showing you the most logic solution to a problem.

Learn and Improve your children math skills the fun way !!!
Thousands of math problems to solve.
Hundreds of Worldwide Mathematical riddles to discuss.
Heads Up Duel or Multiplayer to earn more points!

Check out - Home of Cool Math Games.
You can download free games from our webby to your mobile.
Download this game for iOS and play our Freegame modes: Classic, Advanced and Crazy! All these modes have additional specific rules & limitations. Including: Arithmetic - Geometry - Fractions - Powers - Statistics - Equations.
How to play you will find inside the game.
Play games for free, no further payment required.

other free games for android on our website:
Who Has The Biggest Brain? Challenge your friends to determine the smartest brain on 4 levels: Logic, Calculations, Memory and Visual.
Word Quiz: Master of Lyrics

Your reasoning ability is measured in every situation. There will be no instructions, every decision will be part of the Challenge Module. A mistake can be a big time waste in the advanced levels.

Game Features

The whole bag of tricks will be brought at you, learn the tricks of the trade and become the master of Cool Math Games by solving the scramble, using the quickest and most logical solutions.

Hints For Points will help you unscramble puzzles, riddles and math problems.

✔ Debate over unsolved world-wide mathematical problems in our Leaderboard Chat Room

✔ Be the Master of Brain Blaster Speed Bonus Round !!! ( Best Bonus In The World, EVER )

Over 1,000 Stages and still counting! The Millenium Prize will be awarded to the first one to reach level one thousand !

✔ Fun bonus stages after long fights with friends, for when you're bored with math, such as Uno, Race and Durak.

✔ Hint system that will guide you through the different levels.

✔ In App purchase so you can buy more hints when you need them.

✔ Undo system

Mini Games:

• Pressure Chamber - The faster you answer, you explode later. Don't worry - they all explode at some point.

• The King - Let go of your NBA aspirations, and become a doctor of Sports questions.

• Gods of Warcraft - Trivia questions for geeks.

• Please Hang my Knife - Stop running around with scissors! - Instead throw them perfectly

Download Now, Review us after you play!
If you have a suggestion you can refer it to our game page on Facebook:
our site:
For technical issues, or if you believe we have mistakenly used your trademark contact us by mail at

Enjoy our Heads Up Duel Mode or Multiplayer Action to risk and earn more points!

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