Block Wars Killer Sniper

Block Wars Killer Sniper


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Get ready to take on aggressive mobs and elite snipers in Block Wars Killer Sniper. See and feel the action in this most immersive mobile gaming experience. Navigate obstacles and fight for victory. Enjoy three unique combat scenarios where intense battles meet fast-paced action for an extreme play-to-survive 3D pixel world.

✺Story Mode ✺

I have an unbelievable talent. Doctors nor scientists can describe the cause of it, but it happened on the battlefield when I was still a young buck, fighting blindly for a country at war for reasons I didn't fully understand. I was just hungry for the taste of blood and the admiration of man. At the frontlines I took a bullet to the head. I was left to die on the battlefield, but days later and I still had breath in my lungs. I was brought to the nearest doctor and probed with every instrument he had. I lived, recovered. I was sent for testing at high security government laboratories. During my time there I noticed something. Something dangerous. I had the strange ability to 'listen' to a person's heart and know exactly what they truly desired. Wielding this information, I tested its power on the nurses and doctors that treated me no better than a lab rat. This power led to my freedom, and the doctors none the wiser to my ability. At least, not right away. I escaped, and with that same taste for blood, I became a highly paid mercenary. Using my skills, I became the downfall of many a man. These scientists forgot about me for a time, but when they revisited my case and looked over my scans, they saw something they hadn't before. I was a phenomenon and they either wanted to own me or put an end to a power that could easily be turned against them on a large scale. Just like that, instead of being the hunter, I was the hunted.

✺Action Mode ✺

Destroy rival snipers in a world of danger and mayhem. If they succeed in their mission, you will either be dead or be returned as a lab rat to the doctors to test in a myriad of torturous and probing procedures. You cannot allow that to happen. You won't allow that to happen.

Under constant attack, you will be faced with endless challenges, from the enemies to the landscape itself. Before you can start blasting past these foes, you'll need to find and equip a weapon. Until then, you will be helpless to fight their advances. A wide selection of melee and firearms weapons are hidden throughout the levels as are a dwindling selection of ammo and health packs. Keep your eyes peeled for these weapons and perks. Your entity map will be a boon to you in scoping out oncoming enemies so you are prepared for the attack. Exploding barrels can be found and utilized to strategically blow away enemies. Protect yourself with your wits, reflexes and any weapons you can find. This is life and death. You must survive and they must die.

*Progressive difficulty game play
*Simple virtual touch pad controls
*3D pixel graphics
*Manage your health to stay alive
*Powerful modern day weapons
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    2017-08-11 02:34:21

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    GunChimp Studios

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    Android 2.3+

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