Block Wars: Survival City

Block Wars: Survival City


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Enter the dark realm of Block Wars: Survival City, a land that is perched on the edge of The Abyss, and the fate of a nation rests in the hands of one man, the Defender of the Gods.

In a world that is split between two halves– a light side and a dark side–a terrible war rages. The ultimate fight between good and evil is at hand and the fate of the blocky universe rests solely on your shoulders.

In this strategy game, you play as the hero of a world that is slowly being eclipsed by The Darkness. This is the ultimate survival game where you must crush enemy clans and dominate the playing field as you narrowly escape death! Hidden items and an arsenal of weapons will aid you in your quest, but only skill, timing, and good old-fashioned luck will be the ultimate test of survival.

Cross the Abyss, traverse islands of unimaginable doom, and destroy the Knight of Darkness in a game of strategy, while war wizards bring Darkness upon you!

You are Chosen. Rekindle the world, and bring Light to Darkness!


*Collect hidden weapons that include axes, maces, swords, crossbows, hunter's bows, your own bare hands, and even a holy Uzi!
*Selection of ammo, health, and speed pickups help you on your adventure!
*Choose your weapons wisely, or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimate survival experience!
*Use your strong senses with the mini-map, with real-time view of incoming enemies!
* The game only gets harder, Chosen one! The further you get, the more enemies appear, and the less pickups you find!
*Navigate six challenging levels and the obstacles that dare stand against the wrath of a Champion!

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