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Sokoban is originated in Japan, a puzzle game. Sokoban means warehouse keeper in Japanese. The goal of this game is to push all the boxes in a crowded warehouse to the target location with a minimum of steps. The box can only push, never pulled. Only one box can be pushed at a time. So you have to be careful not to push them into a corner where you can't get them out again. Sokoban simple rules of the game, but for different difficulty levels, the brainpower is different, and some levels may take you a few hours, or even a few days time.

Slide your finger to move, using as few steps as possible to complete the task.

The rules of the game, players play the role of workers, to "push" the way to promote the box. You can not obstruct the case, to the left, right, top and bottom of the move, all the boxes to move to a specified point to clearance.
1. Push to the wall of the box, players can not back to the wall, the box pushed back to the empty place. I.e. the box can only be moved in a "pushed" manner, rather than being "pulled". However, if the player does not obstruct both sides of the vertical wall after the player has pushed it to the wall, the player can move the box in two different directions.
2. Once the box is moved to the corner, the player does not have any way to move the box pushed to the corner.
3. Players can not promote two or more boxes at the same time. Assuming there is a box in front of the workers and a box in front of the box, the two boxes can not be pushed.
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    2017-09-13 04:12:11

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