Border Commando Gun War Action Shooting Sniper 3D

Border Commando Gun War Action Shooting Sniper 3D


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In Border Commando Gun War Action Shooting Sniper 3D Play the role of the ultimate war commando ,your job as a war commando is to build different sniper x war strategies and lead your men to victory and pak army glory operation ,its army games for kids under 10 play sniper games online multiplayer and offline in your each assigned sniper assassin 3d shoot to kill mission you need to join the enemy military army as a spy sniper bravo Alpha agent, and leak out their secret information and before they spot the sniper best shooter and arrest the spy sniper cam you need to infiltrate the army camp before they spot and kill you, in the start of each commando mission game 2017 you need to find the ammo glossary and guns and in some missions you will need snipers ghost HD to take out the distant target enemies to fight the enemy ,play online wifi multiplayer army games and shooting first person games campaign this is a real pub gunner sgames combat commando action games in commando 2 games you need to take your target enemies out silently and then you will have to hide their bodies from the other patrolling soldiers also so that they may not get alert and then you need to hide and focus on your next target like a full action infantry commandos teo and take him out , in commando games 3d shooting mobile some missions you need to survive until reinforcements arrive and in call of modern war commando sniper force duty 3d some missions you will have to komando spy and kill and escape to the extraction point before the enemy reinforcements come show your enemy no mercy in this d day commando game and glue your enemy to the floor and display your commando action skills in fl commando 3 game , the commando app missions the army games that don t need wifi will get more difficult onwards as the number of enemies will increase and more ammunition will be required to kill them so you will need more ammo and after killing the enemy you will have to pick their weapons or ammo to refill your weapon , there are many weapons out their pistols , smgs , M4, UMP 45, Pistol, shotgun,Ak-47 and snipers of high scopes play the best suting commando games 3d kim komando mission جنود .
In airplane army games after completing the spying and hiding type missions in commando game you will have to lead an army of super soldiers and train them to their best to launch a surprise attack on enemy at night when they will be sleeping and patrolling enemy will be tired and exhausted, your team will be wearing night vision goggles to see the enemy at night but be careful and hide in the bushes and find a place of hideout as there are tanks and helicopters also and enemy boats near the army camps with high caliber digital weapons loaded with tons of ammunition and helicopters loaded with heavy machine guns and greater fire power and digital radars which can spot the enemy directly on the terrain so you need to take those radars out first so that the enemies may not see you on the radars you are the leader of the operation and you need to lead the army to glory and victory by sensibly moving and killing the enemy slowly.
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