Brodin – 5/3/1 Program Calculator

Brodin – 5/3/1 Program Calculator


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Are you tired of fiddling with your pen, notebook and calculator to find where you stand in your 5/3/1 program? Have no fear! Brodin, the 531 calculator app is here to help manage and calculate your weights and programs.

Brodin generates a custom, 4-week 5/3/1 workout program based on your current lifts. You're able to enter your current weights as either your One Rep Max (1RM), Wendler's Training Max, or +1 set. Brodin does the rest.

After you enter your working weights and press 'Go!', your program will be generated and a detailed overview of your lift cycles, including sets, reps and weights, will be calculated.

Please note that Brodin, the app, is NOT affiliated with Jim Wendler (the creator of 5/3/1, the program), in any way. This app was created to track my own workouts that utilize Mr. Wendler's program, and hopefully help others as well!

This is a free, ad-supported version. Please keep an eye out for the Pro version, which is coming soon, that will include Logging, Custom Lifts, and no ads!

This free, ad-supported version features:

• Program generation based on Training Max, One Rep Max, or 1+ Set
• 6 custom programs to utilize, including Boring But Big, BBB: 3 Month Challenge, I'm Not Doing Jack Sh*t, Triumvirate, Body-weight, and Periodization Bible.
• Collapsible / expandable workout groups
• Warm-up sets
• Working Sets
• Down Sets (First Set Last & Pyramid)
• Joker Sets (From 5% to 30%)
• Custom Program Sets
• LB / KG Unit Support
• Work Sets Order (Normal & Bastard)
• Week Order (5/3/1 & 3/5/1)
• Main Lifts Programming (Fresher & Heavier)
• General daily warm-up (Foam Roll & DeFranco Agile 8)
• Five different Deload options!

For Boring But Big programs, you are able to specify:

• 14 different rep/set/percentage schemes
• Really Boring or Less Boring
• BBB Deload with 4 options!

Please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any features you would love to see added. I'm very receptive to bug reports, so if you find something that slipped through the cracks, please report any errors before rating poorly. I'll fix it ASAP given the opportunity.
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