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Broken Mirror is a game with a top down perspective based on combat. There are three usable classes at the moment of this release:
Ranger: straight ranged attacks
Mage: ranged attacks that move on a curve
Warrior: Melee attacks

You have different goals in the game depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to level up your character to make it stronger then you can play it as a normal survival killing as many monsters as you can and leveling up your stats to build the character that you want.

There is also something else, unlocking memories.
To unlock your memories you will need to destroy spawners. The more spawners you destroy the deeper you will be able to reach for your memories. Destroy as many spawners as you can in each run and then check to see if you have recovered any new memories to see what the next part of the story is.

The game features completely randomly generated maps that will create slightly different scenarios in each run using the same elements to keep you interested in coming back and killing some more.

The monsters that you will find are:
Snakes: the weakest of all the enemies, also the slowest.
Bats: Stronger and faster than snakes and can also pass through terrain
Mech Turtles: The strongest monsters and can also shoot fireballs. If you are not extremely careful then encountering a Mech Turtle spawner will certainly be your end.

You can save up to 3 characters that you may load up and use at any time to continue leveling and have fun.
Get your characters as high as you can and make them as strong as possible!

How to play:
When you open the game if you want to play tap on the START button. Memories is to read the story once you have unlocked parts of it.
After clicking start you can create a character. Choose colors from the 7 colors you have on the bottom and draw your avatar for the game. Then tap on one of the buttons with the classes to choose the class you want to play.
When you are done with your character tap GO and start playing.

If you already have a character then tap on Load Characer and then choose the Slot in which you saved your character. Tap on the button for that slot and it will load up your character. You will be sent to your characer's information page. Here you will see your level, class, experience and the free points you have.
If you have one or more Free points you may click on the '+' buttons that are below your stats and that will increase the stats of your character.
When in here you can also save your character again by tapping the 'Save' button. When you tap the Save button if you just loaded your character then it will save it on the same slot you loaded from. If you are saving after coming back from playing in the game then you will have to manually choose the slot you want to save your character.

or instead of saving right after loading you may go play. Tap the 'Play' button and this will take you back into the action.
When you are in game use the directional triangles on the right bottom corner to move around the map and the red square on the left bottom corner to attack.
Use your attacks to kill your enemies and collect experience or to destroy a lot of spawners to unlock the story.
When in game you will also be able to see how much hp (resistance) you have, the experience you have collected in that map and the spawners you have destroyed in that map.
When you are done playing in that map then tap on the 'back' button to pause the game. Here tap resume if you want to go back to the map or tap BACK again to go back to your character's information page. If you collected enough experience then you can upgrade the stats of your character and then of course save your character.

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