Bubble Paint Pop Party

Bubble Paint Pop Party


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No need for coloring books and crayons or getting your hands sticky with paint when you have Bubble Paint Pop Party!

Popping Bubbles is ok but popping paint filled bubbles that splat colorful Paint splodges all over the screen now thats fun!

Popping the bubbles could not be easier, just touch the bubble you want to pop with your finger and boom, the bubble pops leaving behind a big coloured paint splat! Create your own artpad full of pop paint art.

Bubble Paint Pop Party Has 3 different fun modes.

Pop Play: There are no rules, pop as many paint bubbles as you like to create a colorful picture or just paint the whole screen different colors.

Pop Art: Pop The paint bubbles over the picture shapes you want to color in. Use your imagination to come up with fun color combinations. The different picture scenes include: animals, shapes, fish and underwater animals and love hearts and teddy bears.

Pop Color: In this mode you have to complete each stage by filling in all the circles with the correct color, this is done by popping a matching colored bubble inside the circle to fill it in.

Bubble Paint Pop Party is good fun for all ages, with its simple interface it's perfect for young children or babies to play any time. This app can also help your child be creative, improve their hand-eye coordination while also improving their fine motor skills.

Bubble Paint Pop Party is totally free with no in-app purchases, this is the full app.

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