C Programs Handbook

C Programs Handbook


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This app contains a number of c programs that are frequently asked in technical interviews.
It's like a programming handbook for a software developer which can be used for brushing-up c programming skills.

<-- Here is list of programs. -->

1. Program to calculate the factorial of a number
2. Program to calculate the sum digits of a number
3. Program to reverse a number
4. Program to check the number is strong number or not
5. Program to calculate the prime factors of a numbers
6. Program to check given number is armstrong or not
7. Program to check given number is palendrome or not
8. Program to add between any two numbers using loop
9. Program to calculate daily expenditure if monthely expenditure is given using loop
10. Program to count number of bits are set to 1 in an integer
11. Program to calculate G.C.D of any two numbers
12. Program to calculate L.C.M of two numbers.
13. Program to calculate fibonacci series
14. Program to calculate string palindrome
15. Program to check the number is Prime number or not
16. Program to find largest number in an array
17. Program to find Second largest number in an array
18. Program to remove duplicate elements in an array
19. Program to convert decimal to binary
20. Program to convert binary to decimal
21. Program to check the number is perfect number or not
22. Program to find generic root of a number
23. Program to check a year is leap year or not
24. Program to revese a string
25. Program to add a sub-string in a string
26. Program to traverse a string in reverse order
27. Program to count number of vowels, digits, characters and word present in string
28. Program to add between two matrix
29. Program to multiplication between two matrix
30. Program to transpose a matrix
31. Program to check a matrix is sparse matrix or not
32. Program to calculate Amicable pairs from 1 to 1000
33. Program to calculate Sum of the series 1+2+3+---------+n
34. Program to find area triangle
35. Program for Bubble sort
36. Program for Selection sort
37. Program for insertion sort
38. Program for Quick Sort
39. Program for Merge Sort
40. Program for Sequential search using array
41. Program for Sequential search using linked list
42. Program for Binary search using array
43. Program for Binary search using linked list
44. Program to implement stack using linked list
45. Program to convert infix to prefix notation
46. Program to Evaluate postfix notation
50. Program to traverse linked list in reverse order

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