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Call Assistant


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***This is a DEMO application***

The app that you are going to install on your phone is an emulator that shows how a real incoming phone call would work. This will not be an app. Picture this coming built into your next phone. :)

Our call assistant can place callers on hold, tell them why you can’t answer when you are busy, and even help you eliminate unwanted callers and speak to those you want to talk to.

To give yourself more time to answer an incoming call simply press the hold on button. Your Call Assistant will say “Please hold on. The person you are calling will be right with you”.

You no longer have to be afraid of being busy. Our call assistant will tell your friends, family, and co-workers why you can’t pick up the phone. And she will even remind you to call them back!

Even better, our incoming call screen smartly adapts to callers you don’t recognize. By pressing the screener button our call assistant can find out who’s calling and what the call is about. You never know...that call could be life changing.

Use all these Call assistant features on our non intrusive incoming call screen so you can stay focused on what you’re doing first and then take the call.

An answer for every call, TIP Solutions.

We are hard at work partnering with smartphone makers and carriers to bring this experience to your next phone. Help us by writing a review and telling them you want this on your next phone!
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