CallLog & SMS Tracker

CallLog & SMS Tracker


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=> CallLog and SMS tracker is track your partner call log and SMS any time.
=> If you worry about the affair and cheating after marriage, no worry about that and try this call log and SMS tracker app.
=> You have to install the app in your device and your partner’s device. Then, follow this steps:
1. Send request to your partner’s device by mail or another social media.
2. After that, your partner’s device received mail or message with a referral code.
3. This referral code enters in your partner’s CallLog and SMS app.
4. After that you will see the call log and SMS of your partners.
5. Your partner will also see your call and SMS when you give permission.
6. But you can every time show your partner’s call log and SMS without any permission.
Extra Features:
- You can add more than one partner and view their call log and SMS.
- If you select only call log or SMS, you can view only spy call logs or SMS of your partner.
- If you set permission to view your call and SMS to your partner, your partner will show your call and SMS in their profile.
- Both partners will show profile photo of each other.
=> CallLog & SMS tracker app is completely free to download.
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