Calorie Counter Fat Weight

Calorie Counter Fat Weight


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With Kcal Calorie Counter Ideal Weight Metabolism you will calculate how many calories you need a day and you spend during the year to achieve your goals:

ï Losing Weight
ï Up Weight
ï Lose Fat
ï Maintain Weight
ï Winning Muscle

ø you know your ideal weight? ø you know how many calories you consume per day? ø And how many calories you need to achieve your goals?

ï Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to find Your Ideal Weight and outcome of the Body Mass Index (BMI).
ï Calculate energy expenditure during exercise labor activity and know how many calories you should consume daily.

ï Calculate the energy cost of exercise to calculate total calories needed per day.

ï will calculate your Ideal Weight, and Power caloric expenditure to achieve the objectives and obtain an optimal level of health.

ï tips and advice on your diet, exercise and weight will make Metabolism Calorie Counter Weight a complete and healthy application.


Objectives ï customized based on your profile; age, gender, caloric intake, level of activity, type and intensity of exercise, etc.

Easy to use application:

ï Works with metric tailored for men and women.

ï results with graphic images.

In addition:

ï results with graphics boards for optimal water percentage and muscle mass in men and women.

ï graphic Tables, for the optimal measurements waist hip measurements in men and women.

ï Tables, for the optimal measurements waist hip measurements in men and women.


The BMR is the daily energy expenditure at rest, to perform the functions of the body.

Represents 60-75% of daily energy expenditure.

Important to note:

These recommendations apply to people health, are not reliable for people who work have more strength and muscle mass.
They are dependent on the type of complexion.
The equations for calculating the recommendation of daily intake of calories are from Harris-Benedict reviewed by Roza and Shizgal 1984.

This App has been developed by Jesplay Studios SL.

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