Camp Of Champions

Camp Of Champions


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Our library of snowboard, ski, and mountain bike media is now mobile!

Grab the free app to stream videos, browse and save photos, and stay up to date with news from us and our partners. Learn how much fun you can have in a week in Whistler at The Camp of Champions.

To help you get ready for camp, we've got a video tour of The Camp of Champions Terrain Park and an interactive map of Whistler with every run in the Whistler Bike Park shot - split screen - so you can follow a pro or look back at a pro to learn the best lines in the park. Ride safer and faster this summer.

We've also highlighted all of our favourite spots around town. Get stoked!

♦ Watch snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and skateboard videos

♦ Browse and save photos from the camp photographers

♦ Interactive Video Tour Map of The Whistler Bike Park. Pre-ride every trail in the park!

♦ Learn your way around Whistler Village with our map

♦ Stay up to date with News Feeds from the camp and our friends

♦ Get in touch with us using our contact info and email form

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