Car Wash, Modify & Racing

Car Wash, Modify & Racing


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How about helping us on preparing our cars for racing? Besides, when cars become ready, you will become driver of one of these cars. Come on! Don’t wait us more. The cars in the garage are about to bored to death. Let’s give them a day which is full of action, speed and energetic.

How to play?

After the game is loaded, you can start performing the duties which we will give to you. Your first duty is to prepare the first car which is given to you. You can buy the other locked cars in garage by coins which you will earn from races. First of all, you need to clean up the car which is covered with dust during the time it’s parked in the garage. Don’t you think that you will race with a dirty car, do you? Because, the audience in the racing area, will be watching you. Which is why, your car must be clean and bright as far as possible. Washing section consists of five stage; in first stage, you will shortly wash your car with water gun. In second stage, you will need to foam all over the car with the sponge. In third stage, you will prepare the car for the next stage by rinsing the car with the water gun. In fourth stage, you will need to dry your car with the drying machine. Be careful, dry your car well and don’t leave any drop of water on your car, if you do, it could be problem in waxing stage. In fifth and last stage, you will bright your car with polishing machine. Congratulation! Washing stages are completed. Now, we will proceed next stage. In this stage, you can change the color of your car and can change your car’s rims by using your visual skill and you can make your car more attractive by selection one the stickers we have prepared for you. If you think that your car seems well enough, then you can start to race. In racing stage, step on it and enjoy the game. But, you have a duty in this section either, you should collect coins without crashing any other car or obstacles on the road. When you collect enough gold, next car will be unlocked and the race will over. Now, you can go back and buy the unlocked car and embark on new adventures.

Drive fast and careful and don’t forget to have fun.

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