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Carb Calc


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This simple carb calculator tool is useful for diabetics who use carb counting to manage their insulin use. If you carb count and also weigh your food to get an accurate carb value this app may be useful to you. It enables you to build your own list of foods and specify a carb value for each food item. You can then simply weigh a given food and input the weight into the app to get the carbohydrate value for that portion of food. All in-putted values are added to a total so you can easily calculate your carbs value for a complete meal.

This app makes the process of calculating your mealtime carbohydrates much easier by eliminating some of the calculations that are necessary when carb counting. It also means that your carb value calculations will be more accurate which will improve your diabetes management.

Please note: This app is not a database of food types and their carbohydrate values. It gives you the ability to create your own database of foods with associated carb values and so requires you to research into what the carbohydrate value for a food item is and submit it to the app. Once it is submitted it allows for the carb value for portions of that food to be easily calculated.

Please also note this app is not a monitoring app that stores your carbohydrate intake, insulin use or blood sugar levels.

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