Carpool for SEZ, carEgiri

Carpool for SEZ, carEgiri


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carEgiri (Drive Gandhigiri Estyle) for SEZ's in Pune, Bangalore, Noida and Gurgaon

Quote : Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

With carEgiri we give you a simple app that allows you to
1) Round robin your car so that you may effectively and fairly drive together (carpool) in a group
2) We verify and allow only individuals who have an official email id (no,
3) One application for each traffic prone area.

Salient Features
1) Quick Registration, No logins/passwords to remember
2) One click search, connect
3) Indicate "I have been picked up" OR "We have reached"
4) No awkward exchange of money, instead exchange km (our point system).

Yet to come
1) Redeem km for gifts
2) Buy more km to ride along
3) We will allow you to buy km from each other (cheaper) and from us (more expensive). Why? We want to encourage you to purchase km from your friends in the carpool system.

We @mCruiseOn, are committed to reducing traffic on the roads with our simple to use smart phone solutions (starting with solving the carpooling problem). We also downloaded all the carpool apps and realized that none of them actually solve the problem. From what we learnt, carpool is helpful only when it is a mobile app, since the we think of carpooling only when we really need it (very few minutes). It is also a pain, to login using a username and password, since we expect carpool's to happen as easy as hailing (or whistling) a cab, auto. Many people ask us, how will you make money, all we can say is, first we will provide our city with a app that will solve their traffic problems. Once we have solved that, we will move on to develop apps that will make money. Carpooling will be our social gift to the community. So here goes, enjoy our gift !! Exchange km, and buy km from each other. We expect nothing more than just your constructive feedback and blessings. Thankyou.

How it works?
Carpool's are recognized by 4 events.
• Relevant Search : Is anyone closeby, willing to carpool?
• Waiting : To be picked up OR Picking someone up?
• Picked Up : Have been picked up OR Picked everyone up?
• Earn / Spend: How much did I spend / earn?

Relevant Search
We only list people who have indicated that they want to carpool. These are list of people who are closeby to where you stay, and close by to where you work.

While you wait, for your carpool to arrive, you know how far the carpool is AND you know how far you are from people you plan to carpool with.

Picked Up
Here the control is with the person who is being picked up. They need to indicate that they have been picked up. That is all that they need to indicate. This also triggers the payment module.

Since you trade in km, there is no cash paying awkwardness. If you run out, you buy, if you earn enough you redeem.

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