CBSE 8 Social Science Notes

CBSE 8 Social Science Notes


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CBSE 8th Social Science Class Notes is an app with complete Social Science NCERT class notes for students studying in CBSE board schools. All the notes in this app are carefully examined by our group of teachers and the answers will support you to get better marks in your exam. It's like having class notes with you in your pocket 24/7.

Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School was founded by the Mrs. Deesh Ishrat a visionary and educationist, in the memory of distinguished scholar Late Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat.

Today that seed has blossomed into a veritable giant tree of knowledge that the school and its many Branches together testify to, under the able guidance of Mr. Pradeep Madhok - President and Mrs. Pooja Madhok - Director. The school is striding forward towards even greater growth and development to reiterate its standings as the most eminent academic institution in the region

A school that upholds the rich Legacy for learning and enviable reputation for excellence that the main branch Rohania is already famous for.

DALIMSS has an exciting vision to give opportunity to every child to keep fit and healthy, to acquire new skills, to build on what students learn during the schools days or simply to harvest the best of their academic , social and economic careers after schooling.


Our Pasts(History)

Chapter 1- How When and Where
Chapter 2- From Trade to Territory
Chapter 3- Ruling the Countryside
Chapter 4- Tribals, Dikus and Vision of a Golden Age
Chapter 5- When People Rebel
Chapter 6- Colonialism and the City
Chapter 7- Weavers Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
Chapter 8- Civilising the Native: Educating Nation
Chapter 9- Women Caste and Reform
Chapter 10- The Changing World of Visual Arts
Chapter 11- The Making of National Movement 1870-1947
Chapter 12- India After Independence

Social and Political Life(Civics)-

Chapter 1- The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2- Understanding Secularism
Chapter 3- Why Do We Need a Parliament
Chapter 4- Understanding Laws
Chapter 5- Judiciary
Chapter 6- Understanding Marginalisation
Chapter 7- Confronting Marginalistaion
Chapter 8- Public Facilities
Chapter 9- Law and Social Justice
Chapter 10- Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Resources and Development(Geography)-

Chapter 1- Resources
Chapter 2- Mineral and Power Resources
Chapter 3- Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 4- Agriculture
Chapter 5- Industries
Chapter 6- Human Resources


All the contents of this app are for educational purpose only. If you reach or find something which is violating rule or copyright then you can contact us, We will take strict action.

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