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Notice: This is an idle BL (Boys Love, Male x Male) Visual Novel. (*≧▽≦) This is NOT a dating sim or otome game. It is purely a visual novel with linear storyline.

PLEASE NOTE: This game is only available in the English language.


IMPORTANT: Some Troubleshooting Notes:

- Please reboot your phone if you are stuck on the Unity splashscreen upon first installation, the game should run smoothly after restarting your phone!
- If you are stuck at the Blue loading screen (more than half a minute) right after Unity's splashscreen, your downloaded file may have been corrupted, it would be good to redownload the files if this is the case. To do a proper re-installation you need to uninstall, turn off your phone, wait 7 seconds before turning it back on and then install the game again.
- Please make sure that your phone memory is enough to play the game as low memory may cause it to crash or run with problems.

Thank you for reading!


Current version: Season 2. Main Story - Douglas Williams. (Release date: 5th July)
New main stories (Next one being Season 3: Yasusuke' Story) will be updated monthly!
New extra stories will be updated in between every season update.


Minami Yukio is an ordinary high school student with average grades. However, he’s failing his math! His math teacher, Mr. Yamazaki decides that he needed some extra lessons to aid his grades and invites him to his house after class.

But on that fateful day, Yukio discovers something that will change life as he knows it forever: An ancient leather bound book, hidden in his bookshelf! Yukio, feeling the book calling to him, brings it home to study and discovers that the book will allow him to summon beings from it!

What could this mean? Who are these people? How do they all connect with the book? Is his teacher hiding something? Or maybe… there’s more to what’s going on with Yukio than meets the eye!

Help Yukio and find out what happens through this interactive BL visual novel!


- Daily life theme mixed with fantasy! Engage in a unique BL story!
- No energy and ticket system! Once completed, you can read the BL story over and over again!
- No tedious point collecting missions! Do quests that relate to the BL story.
- Gorgeous artworks and engaging character stories. Can you help their problems too?
- Main story will be update each month! Will be regularly updated with new extra stories!
- There is only one Mr. Right! Find out who he is! This game does not have branch routes, you cannot pick lovers.
- No annoying premium secret route by affection!
- Enjoy all options without fear of bad ending! There is no such thing as bad ending!


- To enjoy Cerulean Heart without any delays please ensure that your internet connection is stable!
- Uninstalling the game will result in the loss of your save progress, please back your progress up to the Cloud Save once it's available in a future patch to maintain your progress in case of device changes.
- For any questions or bug reports please drop us an email at studioorigame@gmail.com or drop us a message at https://www.facebook.com/ceruleanheartgame/ ! Please give us a chance to help you with your problems before giving a rating! Good ratings encourage us to continue updating!
- Thank you very much for your support and we hope you enjoy the game! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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    2017-08-13 02:34:23

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    Android 2.3+

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