Chap: Social media upload pictures & share videos

Chap: Social media upload pictures & share videos


Virus Free No Ads

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Everybody has an account on a Social Network.
All these incredibly famous social networks are all plenty of boring ads and intrusive sponsored contents, everywhere. Your newsfeed is no more really your newsfeed but it’s a sort of store showcase, with lots of banners, brands logos and NOT WANTED/ASKED ADS.

Chap App Project, free from sponsored content!
Chap is a new social network that allows people to share images and videos through the augmented reality concept. Users can post their experiences, memories, feedbacks, videos and normal photo shots of special places they may find on their way and share them with friends.Chap is a real community, a community without any kind of Fan Pages, Ads or anything else. A community where only real people talk about and share their stuff.

All shares are visible, you will get a notification – Chap near your place, as soon as you are in the place where the Chap was taken.Radius of 100 Meter. Furthermore, if you are going on holiday or just outdoors, Chap will deliver you information, that you may need on your road – but only if you really need it! No ads mean no undesired publicity on your screen. That’s the main aspect of our app: We are just a community and not a publicity wall like all other Social Networks.

“If you like our way of thinking, please download the app and help us to grow up, we will try to make the best social network but it's only possible with your help !” Patrik S. Ceo - Chap

How you can Help?

Start Chaping around your city with good photos or videos.
Invite your friends. Your best 15 friends.
Tell us if Chap is having problems, we will immediately take action in order to fix errors and bugs.
Leave an honest Feedback on our Google Play Store we will take it in consideration to improve Chap.

Chap 1.0
0 - 100K. Downloads


Leave Chaps, images or videos, around your place
Leave like, comments or share the Chap
Friend List
VR Mode
See clicks on my Chaps. How many times was it viewed by Chap User or in private mode
just friends
Watch Chap History. All placed Chaps
Filter different Chaps. Personal Chaps, Images or Videos
Generate invite code for friends.Chap is available for Android & iOS
Edit Profile Pic
Edit Username
Cancel Chaps

How is Chap working?
As we would like to make the registration as easy as possible, we have implemented two ways of registration. You can join our community by linking your Facebook account or even your Google account. Moreover you will find a step by step tutorial which will explain the main functions.

What is a Chap?
Once you open the application, you will see a map and a radar that shows your current position. Chaps within your radius are clustered and you can open them by tapping on the number in the center of your map. Chaps out of your range will instead be displayed as icons on your map. You will not be able to open them, since they are not within your radius.

Leave a Chap!
Create funny content or place insider tips around your City!By pressing on the plus icon, you can place a new Chap. You can decide who will see your Chap. There are two possibilities. You can create a Chap and tag it as a public Chap so every Chap member will get a notification once he passes by. If you would like to place a Chap which only selected people can see, just tag your Chap as a private one and choose from your friends list who should see it. 

What is the Chap History?
Check out your Chap history to see all your placed Chaps. You will be able to see who opened it and who left a like or a comment. Moreover you will be able to delete your Chap in the Chap History. You can also see the Chap history of your friends on their profile.

Chap 2.0 / 100K. - 500K.
Chap 3.0 / 500K - 1M.
Chap 4.0 / 1.5M.– 5M.

For any kind of questions just contact us!
Developer Team Chap
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