CHax 2 (Early Access)

CHax 2 (Early Access)


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The possibilities are limitless, and the content is infinite.

CHax 2 is a sequel to our successful unfinished endeavor, CHax. CHax is a mobile physics and scripting sandbox, like Little Big Planet, or Garry's Mod. This game will allow you to establish your own world with other players or by yourself, import user-created content or make your own and discover new creations!

Recommended System Requirements:

-OS: Android 4.0.3+
-RAM: 2 GB
-Storage: 60 MB
-Recommended Storage for future updates: 100MB - 200MB


DISCLAIMER: This game is still in development and it is in it's alpha stage of developmebt. In other words, you get what you get. Please refrain from asking when features will be implemented and please give me feedback on the features that are currently implemented.

BUGS: Please report all bugs to Reports sent there have more priority than reviews here, and is easier for me to request additional information.

HELP WANTED: We are also looking for Unity3d Devs, 2d graphic artists, and 3d Artists. Please email your portfolio to


-Play/Start Button in Title Screen disappears on first run when going back to the Title Screen after creating an avatar. (Fixed by relaunching CHax 2)
-Sounds are not always playing in spectate screen

-Ragdolls have been being very problematic and I removed them to prevent chaos in game rooms until the problems are worked out.
-If you leave the app without closing it (sending it to the background), this will cause you to exit the match you are currently in. (The screen does not sleep while the game is running, during a match)


UPDATE SCHEDULE: The update schedule no longer exists. Due to being very subjective to delays, we will instead deliver 1 (sometimes 2) unscheduled updates each month.

It will help us keep you updated if you like our Facebook Page:

Also, we are going to remove ads and offer some exclusive beta content to those who support our Patreon, so go check it out!


!!!!!!!! IN-GAME EVENTS !!!!!!!!

We will host events time to time to celebrate certain milestones, or just to have a good time. We may do some fun whacky stuff or debut new content. Overall, we want to deliver a new experience in each event. Since this game is in early-access, the events are also an example of that. You can witness each event grow more complex as the game itself grows more in its complexity. The main reason we want to run these events is because they are fun and a good way to get the community all together at once. We hope you all attend at least once.

Here is the schedule for the latest planned events:

[No events currently planned, please check back later.]

Don't forget to check your timezone difference so you don't miss out!


Future Planned "Final" Features:
-Game Modes (Like Deathmatch, Prop Hunt, etc.)
-Visual Scripting Mod Support
-Upload and Download User-Created Content

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    2017-04-18 03:22:11

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    Android 2.3+

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