Cheese Run - City Quest 3D

Cheese Run - City Quest 3D


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Cheese Run , a young Cheese mouse with a big dream to run after a Cheese Van with a lightning speed to catch and eat. Cheese run is the most exciting & addictive runner game on play store, It’s FREE To Download. Cheese rat will zips through the busy streets there are full of obstacles which you have avoided and get the maximum cheese from Cheese van before reaching town bakery shop. Cheese run is endless runner game and it is a race against clock as much as time pass, cheese jerry running speed will be increased and avoid hitting obstacles in busy roads by swipe right to left and swipe upwards to jump of the obstacles.

Cheese mouse is risking life by running on streets & roads there are cars, buses driving with full speed and coming towards cheese mouse. You have to avoid those obstacles and get maximum cheese and get different pickups i.e. cheese magnet, double cheese score, cheese helmet and many more. The Cheese magnet will help you catch the cheese just passing by the cheese, with our swipe left to right. The Double Cheese gift power up will double the cheese score for limited time frame. The Cheese helmet is a great power up because when the cheese mouse wear it he don’t have to worry about racing cars , Buses or other hitting obstacles wearing cheese helmet makes young cheese mouse fearless running on streets & roads for limited frame. It is just like a ninja mouse is running on roads so get start running and accomplish cheese mouse dreams.

Run to accomplish Cheesy Dreams: Cheese run game is based on a young mouse dream to eat maximum Cheese and get cheese power up there is a Cheese Van reaching to Cheese shop. The cheese mouse is after this van to eat maximum cheese. Cheese run is one the best game for kids to increase their mind capability and make it sharper. Cheese Run is endless running game for kids and full of action and thrill.

Cheese Love: Assume it a cheddar cheese or a mozzarella cheese, you love to have an extra topping of cheese always on your pizza. So help the mouse run for the cheese to collect as many cheese as you can.

How to play Cheese Run: The rouls are very simple you have swipe right and left and swipe upwards / swipe downwards to avoid obstacles in form of racing cars, buses and objects and get maxim cheese. Cheese Run is endless running game as much time passes the running speed will be increased

Cheese Run Important Features:
Swipe to Escape form road obstacles
- Start Running on right side : Swipe right
- Start Running on left side: Swipe left
- Jump over the obstacles : Swipe upwards
- Skating under the obstacles : Swipe Down
- Start running as fast as possible for you and avoid obstacles
- With full speed of cheese mouse you have one chance touch the obstacles but it will slow down your running speed
- Cheese run is Endless game its upto you go as far as you can and collect as many cheese, power-ups as possible for you to beat your Friends

Why to play Cheese Run:
- Cheese run game is full of fun and addictive. Whenever you are feeling yourself boring try to play this Game it will relax your mind
- Cheese run game is Truly Fun, thrilling and entertaining game and you will be addictive of playing Cheese run game.
- Cheese run is also best game for kid because it helps to sharpen kid’s minds
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