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Welcome to Children's Bible, with this free application adapted to the world of children's home will have access from home a lot of history and passages of the Bible, the Old Testament of the New Testament, Genesis ....... To make your children feel the word of God our Lord Jesus closer to his heart.

Mom and Dad, Children's Bible is a free ideal for your children to learn the culture and the most important values ​​of our holy Catholic, Christian and Roman religion that Jesus, God and our venerable Lord infuse us in the beginning time of application.

It is a good day to start enjoying life pleasantly of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Children's Bible you will find a lot of pictures, videos and Christian songs, children's music, Christian music to sing the word of God, enjoying your family and friends the most beautiful of our Catholic religion.

We believe that the Catholic Bible (Holy Bible King James 1960 Bible God speaks today) should be close to everyone, so this application is based on it free.

So do not waste more time and please download this free application on your mobile (cell) or Tablet and you will not regret, enjoy from home the wonderful world of the Christian religion, with stories like:

Cain and Abel.
The history of San José.
The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve.
THE story of Moses.
Noah's Ark.
The Holy Bible.
The baptism of Jesus.
The miracles of Jesus.
Christ loves you.

Remember that Children Bible is totally free and you can download it on your mobile (cell) or tablet and share by Whasapp and Facebook and other social networks with your friends, family, coworkers, etc.
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