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Ciao App is not going to change the way you meet other people but rather preserve and simplify the way you would naturally meet other people - face to face! It will not give you means to approach unknown virtual strangers miles away, rather, it will introduce people at your eyesight and will make that first ice breaking interaction very easy.

Did it ever bother you with all these popular social discovery Apps connect you with people that are not really physically nearby? What if you could actually use an App to see social or business profiles of people that are physically around you in the same room, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, club, classroom, schoolyard, hotel, conference, bus, airport gate… ?

Socially, because you could actually approach that hot someone you are always so anxious to talk to, do something cute for that someone you grasp for their attention and they do not know you even exist!
Business wise, because you would collect all the business cards of Ciao business users around you at any conference, seminar, lecture, restaurant, hotel simply passing by those people.

How and when?
Always! Just open the Ciao App, turn Ciao to On and start collecting every Ciao user that is around you. If you haven’t spotted them while they were next to you, you can always see who passed by and get in touch later.

What then?
Simply use Ciao as any other messenger, exactly as you are used to.

Special features - Teleport!
Ciao Social: Your friend is at your favorite night out spot! You want to check who’s there! Just “Teleport” to your friend with your Ciao App and get the list of people around them as if you were there!
Ciao Business: Your colleague is at the conference you could not attend. Just “Teleport” to them with your Ciao App and get the list of potential business contacts around them as if you were there!

Special features - Heatmap and Hotspots!
Not sure where to go tonight? Check out the map with most prominent spots in town. See how many people is there, see who they are as if they were just around you, and choose where you want to go!
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