Circle Sweep - Logic Puzzle!

Circle Sweep - Logic Puzzle!


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Circle Sweep is a new kind of puzzle game where logic and strategic thinking rule a world filled with cute and colorful characters. Connect multiple orbs of the same color, while learning pattern recognition, logic and deduction with each move.

Circle Sweep’s brain teasers and challenges will have you thinking one step ahead as you scramble to solve each cute and colorful puzzle with plenty of adorable animals and characters to play with along the way.

Circle Sweep Features:

Connect Orbs of the Same Color
- Connect three orbs of the same color to progress through each creative puzzle!
- Connect each of your orbs wisely, as each move affects the outcome of the puzzle!

Cute and Colorful Gameplay
- Cute characters and color-filled environments await you on each level with fun and addicting gameplay!
Brain Teaser Bonuses
- Brain teasers contain bonus symbols with unique effects, adding even more depth to each puzzle!
- Overcome incredible obstacles and challenges. Surpass your limits as your logic grows!

Logic Puzzles for Easy Learning
- Use logic to maximize your score by planning multiple moves in advance!
- Analyze each and every swipe that you make to come out on top! 
Circle Sweep is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and adorable brain training puzzles. Download now and see if you have what it takes!

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