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Circus Defense


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This is the perfect game for all of you who want to practice your fingers. Do not think twice but download completely free of charge the latest Circus Defense game on your phone and it will provide you with the hours of fun. The installation process is pretty simple and even the kids can do it. Prepare yourself for the most important battle of your life and practice your reflexes. You have to be super-fast if you want to protect this mesmerizing place from the dangerous enemies. The funny clown is here to help you so do not tap him or you will lose your life and the cool game will be over. The scary creatures are attacking you in clusters so you have to be cautious and destroy each one of them. Do not be afraid but find the courage the confront the villains. Do not let them take over your territory and put your heart and soul into saving it from them. As soon as you get the newest Circus Defense app you will step into the imagery world of dangerous invaders and you will have to fight against them. You will forget what boredom means with this top game.
What will knock your socks off is the fact that you will get certain bonuses. Be on the lookout for colorful juggling pins and collect them. They will slow down your enemy so do not miss them under any circumstances. Get the popular Circus Defense on your phone and share them with your friends to surprise them. It will cheer them up in the magnificent way. They were out of ideas what to do to kill the time and you helped them a lot. Enter the top challenge and show all of your new skills regarding playing games. You should score as much as you can and try to save your territory from the intruders. The small crabs and monkey are easy to destroy but there are the ones which you will have to tap several times to make them disappear. The strongest villain is the king of the jungle. You have always admired this wild animal and now you have to fight against it. It has joined forces with the huge elephant in order to conquer your territory. Do not be scared of these dangerous creatures but discover the brave warrior in you and tap them really fast to smash them.
- Lovely music in the background that you can turn on or off
- The dangerous enemies are of different strength
- Plenty of helpful bonuses that will slow down or kill villains
Have you ever wanted to prove yourself as the best hero? Now you can do it with the popular Circus Defense game. Protect the cool parasol which stands at the entrance of your tent and the whole world will see how fearless you are. Spend the lovely afternoon with your family and organize a contest who will achieve the highest score. Soon this app will become your favorite pastime as it is very addictive and entertaining. Do not worry because you only need to have fast fingers to play it and in order to have them you will have to practice. As soon as you starts smashing all those tiny monkey and crabs you will feel like you are on the cloud nine. Tap them several times with the speed of lightning to get rid of them and secure your parasol. Keep your eyes wide open not to destroy any of your friends as when you do it you will lose your life. Collect the latest bonuses as they will help you in making the villains disappear. They will either kill or slow them. Do not hesitate but download free the best Circus Defense game on your phone and it will provide you with tons of fun.
How to play: / How it works:
- Smash the enemies to destroy them
- Do not tap on the friends that come to help you
- Make sure not to miss the bonuses
- Try to stay in the game as long as you can
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