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wood, metal and using a cane made ​​, loud , so I played along with the big drum , again so suitable for outdoor use , is a kind of wind instrument .

Rarely in the folklore of Eastern Black Sea ( Tashkent in Trabzon , Giresun and Ordu in the interior regions ) but not necessarily to use with bass drums , wood, seven -hole is a wind instrument [1].

'Mehter band, brass band and its modern form as a sign of the reign of the former ruler of the edict read zurna is estimated that hazard develops .

Codex Cumanicus sur registered as the instrument [2 ] The name is borrowed from the Persian word surname is a common belief : Persian sur "festival" + nay " reed " [1]

However, Arabic sûr " big pipe made ​​from horn " + Persian " cane " at the prospect of reviewing be removed. In the ancient Persian language " sur " is registered as a form of words a second possibility is strengthening its horn .

Anatolia at weddings , farewell ceremonies soldier , in folk dances , theatrical plays drum are used in conjunction village . Boxwood in Anatolia , ash, lime, cranberry , walnut and juniper trees were made of horn size and color according to sound shrill , middle and cure shrill flutes ( Ring zurna ) are three kinds .

Flutes are a great variety of shapes and sizes . Which is the same with little change from the shrill clarion of features:

Great piece made ​​of hard wood (mountain plum, walnut, etc. .. )
The opening for the phone to send the sound to be full face ( longitudinal section similar to a parabola )
A tiny cylinder of cane crushed sound has been turned into a narrow elliptical opening and closing of the outer holes to go with chills
Near the side of the bore of the inner tube of cane ago boxwood then further narrowing with metal parts .
The sound of the cane from the property , but you can come as a result of high pressure
Requirement of high pressure breathing turning ( without breaking tunes , have şişirtil nasal breathing while using the air in cheek continue ) stolen.

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