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The largest and best organized collection of classical music in the world! Play (stream) these marvelous works of classical music through our queuing player, whenever you want, where ever you are. Find the works you want to
listen to with the help of our unique classification, developed by expert musicologists. We offer three modes:

1) The Library - where you can select from all the performances of a work in our enormous collection of recordings - organized by composer, category, and composition. We offer an immediate list of "The Greats" (composers) and their works, or you can search for any composer or performer by name (just enter the first few characters of the last name). Once you see a list of performances, long-tap on one of them to either add it to the player's queue, or add it to one of your playlists, or to view and play the entire album it came from. A short tap on a performance sends it immediately to the player - or its queue if something is already playing.

2) Must Know - where you will be guided to appreciate the most important composers and works of classical music through their latest released recordings. You can search by composers or by a combination of Period
(Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.) and Genre (Orchestral, Chamber, Solo, Stage, etc.)

3) Playlists - where you can play some suggested playlists, or you can build and play your own! Subscribers have unlimited access and can play entire tracks or complete works or albums (even entire operas and multi-CD collections) with just one click. Non-subscribers will hear one minute clips of each track.

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