CleverTexting Arabic IME

CleverTexting Arabic IME


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(عيد الفطر/عيد مبارك)
This is a Input Method Editor (IME) and can be used in all applications on your phone by selecting it. Instructions at the bottom.

The CleverTexting is a new Texting Technology that predicts letters as you type. It is based on the statistical nature of a language and is dictionary less. Along with a user interface innovation of dynamic key assignment, it offers a terrific advantage of single keystroke typing on limited keypad devices like the mobile phone and offers a smoother typing experience to the user.

Watch Arabic typing video on YouTube:


1. After Download Arabic Keyboard will install automatically on phone.
2. Go to "Settings"->"Language & input/Locale & text"->Select CleverTexting Arabic IME (check ON).
3. Go to "Settings"->"Language & input/Locale & text"-Set Default Keyboard/ Input method as CleverTexting Arabic IME.
4. Back to text compose area keyboard will appear on screen.
5. Experience Fast & Easy Arabic typing on your phone & tablets.

Two rules
1. Look for the character, press it.
2. If character not there, press Next List button.

This versatile keyboard provides a better usability with limited no. of keys available on screen one at a time. Keys are big easy to point by fingertips. Letters (huruf) are keep predicted automatically and put right under your thumb.

This Clever Arabic (العربية) IME, offers English QWERTY keyboard to type in English in between Arabic typing. By using this virtual Arabic keyboard ( لوحة المفاتيح العربية‎ ) IME one can type sms, messages, chat, email, blogs, facebook, twitter, post comment, google+, save contact book etc.

"We would like to share with CleverTexting users that this technology (PaniniKeypad) has been granted US patent in June 2014."

Privacy concerns: CleverTexting does not try to read your data or connect to a server for prediction. Your data stays on your phone and the application does not connect anywhere, you can use it offline also.

Download and give it a try !

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