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This app's game to escape the stick man from puzzles stage. (Seen in You Tube!)

The rules of the game, very easy.
Taking the key needed to open the goal door, only entering the goal door.
If you do not have the key, you do not put in the goal door.

Stage or have been in a variety of maze, because the wooden box and iron boxes or have fallen a lot, very thrilling. If of course you, a little think and proceed if you use your head.

Within the stage, wooden box and iron box is placed here and there.
Among them, a wooden box and some of the iron box, you can break with a button to kick.
In button issue sucking wooden box, you can move the wooden box to another location.
In this way have the wisdom and courage let you go through the maze!

Then there is a button to use an item called Wand, you can use a variety of magic.
For example, if ... Wand there is one, it is such a thing.

Even wooden box and iron boxes have fallen, will protect the stick man. Also the movement around this time, it can be stopped only for a few seconds. As long as there is a Wand, automatically because gonna work this function, it is magic to be dependable. (Stop Wand)
Then you're able to create a new wooden box. Or fill the wooden box in the hole, it is useful when you proceed to the high place loaded with wooden box.(Creer Wand)
Also you can jump out of the hole, even from deep holes. (Jump Wand)
It is also the magic that you can jump from the bottom of the wall to the top of the high wall. (Jump Wand)

In addition ... When the wand is five.
It is possible to warp to another location within the stage. It's the strongest of the item. (Through Wand)
What these Wand, it would be very useful?Do not forget that in any case important item!

It should be noted that Wand, and those that are provided from the first stage to the stick man, you have a thing that has been placed in the middle stage.
Then important that from there is a limit to the number of the Wand, go complete the game so as not wasted the Wand.

But still used up the Wand, it may sometimes not be promoted any more games.
In this case, it was retry by pressing the menu button of your smartphone. Play starts from the beginning of the stage.

*But you know. Absolutely be difficult to clear the stage, put in hand (10 Wand = 1 US $) Wand with Google Checkout, it may be good to take advantage of the Wand.
In this way you continue to further clear the stage, but it was get been found that it is important to use wisely the wand.

★In order to clear the stage is to master the use of the wand four types of. In the YouTube video, you can see what's being used and how the wand.

Then the stage, it's divided into the following three.

① Tutorial: Here, You have seen method of operation while enjoying the game. You can also experience how to use the wand.
② Main: because it is the stage of a full-fledged degree of difficulty, there is a very rewarding. Also you can see even a simple movie that appeared in the game.
③ Extra: This is a stage that has been created in the "Map Editor for CE2" another app. These maps are, for the sake of this game, the original map that everyone made us around the world. This map is going more and more in the future.

★ Good mood of BGM (the default of MIDI Sound and Sampling Sound (free) are available.
★ This app is a sequel of "Confused Escape".
★ Map of close puzzle action game as possible to the "Confused Escape 2", our free app that you can easily create "Map Editor for CE2" has released.
This app, you have or create a maze with free brick, any combination of a wooden box, iron boxes, ladders, etc., you can play to make the original map stage.
Also a map that everyone has been made, if the upload on the net through a "Map Editor for CE2", you can play from "Confused Escape 2" extra stage to other users who are playing.
For more information, please try to download another app "Map Editor for CE2" of the Company.

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