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NOTE: Many users put the photo-id of a particular photo from Facebook and complaining not synced. Please ensure you read the FAQ to understand how to find and check correct facebookid. You may also watch the video showing how to set it up:

Please at least read the FAQ in order to understand how this app works.

Starting with May 2015, Facebook permanently removed the ability to retrieve the complete friend list. So most of the apps used to sync Facebook profile photo are broken.

This app does NOT retrieve your friend list. It uses the Facebook ID in "Notes" field in your local/Google contact to sync profile photo (which you need to put it by yourself).

The format used is:<Facebook>id:facebookid</Facebook>
where facebookid can be in numeric form and abbreviation form after version 1.3.7.

e.g. The Facebook profile page of David Beckham is:
and the Facebook ID of David Beckham is 84218631570. Therefore, I put <Facebook>id:84218631570</Facebook> in the "Notes" field in contact, then this app will download the profile photo in the next sync.

Note: As request by user, version 1.3.1 onwards add support for the IM field with format which is used by Empathy XMPP client.

Version 1.3.3 onwards add support for upload the photos back to Google Contacts. Just choose the sync type as "Google" to use this function. Please pay attention that the original photo on the Google Contact will be overwrite by this app if you choose "Google" as sync type.

1. Why no contact is synced?
This app uses the Facebook ID in "Notes" field in your local/Google contact to sync profile photo and you need to put the Facebook ID to the "note" field in your contacts first.

2. How to find the Facebook ID of a facebook user?
If you "view the source" of a facebook user's profile page, you can find the Facebook ID by looking up "profile_id". Anyway, I highly recommend to use the service provided by to find the Facebook ID for you. It is much more easy for general users.

3. How can I check if I get the facebookid correctly?
You may check if the facebookid is correct by browsing to
For the Beckham example, you can browse to and you will find that you can view the profile picture of Beckham.

4. Do the contact need to be my Facebook friend in order to sync the contact photo?
No. All you need is to put the Facebook ID in "Notes" field in your local/Google contact. Even the contact is not your Facebook friend, the sync still works.

5. Is my connection and account secure?
Yes, this application uses a secure connection (HTTPS) and stores nothing outside of your phone.

6. Do I need to setup the facebookid one by one?
Unfortunately, yes. Facebook does not allow any application to the your friend lists via graph API after 30Apr 2015. So all of the apps used to sync Facebook contact photo are broken. This is the best method to make contact photo sync possible.

However, if you used to have using a HTCSense device, most probably HTCSense had done for you.
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