Coral View II

Coral View II


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Can't find an app which meets your mobile data requirements? Manage your information with a personal touch. Create your own database (Infobase) on your Windows PC and upload it to your Android device using Dropbox. While you are 'out and about' you can:

- record Infoitem data using dropdown lists.
- record numbers against Infoitems.
- make personal notes which are linked to Infoitems.
- read a GPS location and link it to an Infoitem.
- copy a GPS location for an Infoitem to your Navigation application.
- link a Infoitem to a Custom Maps .kmz file and open the relevant map.

Upload your Infobase from your Android device to Dropbox and the Infobase on your PC is updated. Infoitems in your PC Infobase can be exported in Microsoft Excel format for the purpose of customised reporting or linking to other databases.

Visit our website at for an overview of Coral View.

Note: To test Coral View on your Android device:
Step 1: Download one of the zip files at to the root of the Dropbox folder on your PC.

Step 2: Open Dropbox on your Android device and download the zip file.

Step 3: Open Coral View, press the Menu Button, select Unzip from the menu and select the zip filename (e.g. My Wine List) from the list displayed.

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