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You need to take a lot of supporting evidence for your records every week, or even everyday? You need to add pictures to your different records all at once or need to add some more to the one you were working on yesterday? You are tired of losing time classifying your documents?

This app is for you. This simple and efficient tool leaves you more time for what is really important in your business. Whether you are nomad or sedentary, it will meet your needs.

CosmosSync allows you to take series of pictures, videos, vocal notes in a way that all your documents will be classified. While you are uploading the files using wifi or cell phone data, all the documents are in the good directory in your working environment. Your done with the manual classification!

This is an app, not a management system but a easy add-on for existing work process. It adds data management and close follow ups on actions and activites related to each customers, jobs or anything you want.

CosmosSync is a cloud-based solutions that transform the accuracy, efficiency and competitiveness of productivity and logistics operations. All your data is sync instantly onto your computer's hard drive.

With the notification pop-up, you will be prompted at any moment when new stuff has arrived onto an monitored directory. You're done with lost pieces of paper or forgetables! Everything, every memos are in the right spot and can be provided from anybody. That's the new way of industrial communication!

The product can help you reinvent your business and achieve higher levels of performance by ensuring seamless deployment and rapid return on investment. CosmosSync can improve customer service, with lowered costs and risks of errors.
It also facilitate communication and synergy on all levels.

This app is free and offered to all Business Mobile Solutions inc. customers.*
Patent pending for the process.

Please note that the vocal note module generate m4a files. If you want more fonctionnality and mp3 files, we suggest to install this module:

*some conditions may apply

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