Counter Terror FPS Action

Counter Terror FPS Action


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Counter Terror FPS Action

Put an end to terrorist’s evil plans in this 3D FPS action gun shooting game!

Counter Terror FPS Action is a free 3D military army long range shooting action game full of gun shooting explosive missions. Shoot, throw grenades & perform your duty like a true army military swat hero in this thrilling game & fight for freedom. Be a commando soldier assassin who is on a special ops mission to win a war against deadly terrorist forces. In this game the user gets to play the role of an army military soldier commando assassin who loves shooting & is known as the finest army sniper shooter, rifleman & marksman.

Terrorists have been attacking your country for a long time now & this has become a never ending war. You have always been in combat with the enemy defending each city of your country like a true hero commando. Army military has decided to launch a special ops swat mission against terrorists to put an end to their evil plans & games once and for all. For this special ops mission army has chosen you because everyone knows that you are the best army sniper shooter assassin, rifleman & marksman, you handle other modern weapons & guns very well & you are well trained in melee weapons, hand to hand combat fighting also.

The deserted island at the outskirts of the city is deadly terrorist enemy’s stronghold now. They saw the desert island as the best place to build their stronghold because of no law & order which means they can easily plan their evil games from there. That’s where they make all the plans to attack our country, your city & slaughter innocent citizens. It’s about time we wage the war against the enemy with the help of our special ops special forces. You are being sent to this desert island on a special ops mission. You are expected to infiltrate terrorist enemy’s stronghold & kill every single terrorist you see. You have to win this war against terrorist enemy at all costs because the peace of your people & city depends on it.

Army military is providing you with various modern weapons & super guns to strike & kill the deadly criminals evil terrorists. You are the swat commando soldier military army expects to be at the front in the battle to win the war for the freedom of his country. You are the war hero everyone is counting on. Your sniper & gun shooting skills are going to help you win this war against the evil forces. Lock & load your modern weapons, guns & sniper rifle & go to the desert island to kill all the terrorist enemies who want to destroy your city. Hold aim & shoot all the enemy terrorists you spot & prove that you are the best army sniper shooter, rifleman & marksman. There will be a lot of long range shooting as well as close range shooting on the desert island mission battle so hold aim accurately & shoot swiftly. Counter enemy attacks & strike hard to win this combat. Win this war against terrorists by shooting your way to victory. Be the war hero your country & city deserves!

Features of Counter Terror FPS Action:
- A lot of gun shooting action filled mission
- Plenty of guns to choose from
- Challenging & addictive gameplay
- 3D immersive environment
- Top-notch sound effects
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    2017-11-12 02:52:11

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    Android 2.3+

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