Country Capital Currency Flag

Country Capital Currency Flag


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This app is about World Countries Capital Currency Flag with Quiz. Invention of technology has brought the world closure and the communication infrastructure has helped the mobility of people from one corner to the other in matter of hours or matter of a day. The mobility has opened up avenues of interaction in different levels such as tourism, education and business. Flags, Currency and Capitals of the World are great resource for children and adults. It becomes a passionate learning exercise for the students as well as adults to practice and remember the flags, currency and capital of different countries. Forwardbrain Solutions has developed this applications which provides detail information about Country, currency, flags and capitals with extensive quiz facility. There are few currencies such as American Dollars, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees and Euro which people in the world are mostly aware of. In addition due to people migrating to different popular destinations, there are few more currency types such as Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Dubai Dhiram are used worldwide. However all the 196 countries of the world, except the European countries have their own currency. This app brings together flags of the world, currencies of the world, capitals of the world, coat of arms of countries, national symbols, all these information in a very concise manner. The easy to use quiz tests are designed to interest the users while providing right information.
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