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Crazy Eight Plus


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Fix problem with restarting on a win. Thank you Wayne
Fix problem with speed.

Easy and fun card game 2 to 5 players. (computer supports 2 to 4)
Extension of the original crazy 8 card game which is too simple.

Change the settings, use only 2 players while learning the game.
Slower speed help to see what other players played.
Lower level will help you win.
Added description for the levels. What decisions are used at each level. (for the curious)

The program provides hints so you can learn the game quickly.

NOTE: If the game does not look right go to settings and change the resolution.
Who will have to restart the game for the new resolution to take place.


8 cards per player first player chosen randomly, next game next player starts.

Playing rules:
"suit on suit or value on value.(see exceptions)",
Special cards:
"2 ... next player takes 2 cards",
"3 ... reverse playing direction",
"Jack ... skip next player",
"Queen of spade ... next player takes 5 cards",
"Ace ... player plays again",
"8 .. play any time, select any suit",
"Joker .. play again (any card)",

Oddities when dealing.

If the card turned up is an ace, joker or an 8 the player before the starting player plays first.


A good part of the game is chance.
At level 0 you will still loose some games even if you play brilliantly :)

Play it with children using real cards.

Teaching the game to children.
Introduce the rules one at the time the 8 first then the 2, 3, joker, ace etc
The queen of spade is really nasty. With young children you could leave it out.
Mind you some little kid really loves it.

Have a good time.

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    2017-02-07 07:36:22

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    Android 2.3+

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