Crazy Surgery Mania - Dr Game

Crazy Surgery Mania - Dr Game


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Crazy Surgery Mania needs a professional doctor at ER clinic to treat sick patient with all the medical tools. You can be the crazy surgeon doctor to rescue people from different hand, foot or skin diseases. Run your own surgery clinic this season to cure sneezing, flu, allergy, broken arm, painful pimples, finger cuts and bleeding wound to make your patients happy and healthy again. Discover new experiences with fun medical tools, real pharmacy medication and incredible laser treatments. Take care of a hurt American girl, an Indian girl, a princess girl, Arabic, a Brazilian and a footballer with interesting operation simulation tool to try at your crazy hospital simulator. Carry out emergency surgery simulation along with post operation care to make them happy and healthy again in Crazy Surgery Mania.

Take urgent care of the wounded boys and girls with craziest hand and foot surgeries simulation. Make sure the patient doesn’t have a weak heart by using a heartbeat monitor. These awesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazy surgeon treatments are so much fun to play. With realistic game play, Crazy Surgery Mania has real treatment and ultimate operations. The ambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state. Cut open the skin, avoid damaging the bones, veins and arteries. Track your progress; keep checking the instant heart rate monitor. Gain health & fitness with a simple surgery simulation.

While on their way to the clinic, the emergency doctor has already noted down the symptoms and history of the patient. This patient is suffering from a bone fracture that can affect his arms, finger and leg movements. Make sure the heart pumps blood properly to every organ and body part. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the surgery simulator now. You are going to be the medical surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry out the surgery simulation

Crazy Surgery Mania features:

√ Pre & post operation care
√ Surgeon simulator treatments
√ Rescue from skin allergies, sneezing, flu, fracture, pimples, cuts, bleeding and wounds
√ 6 characters to choose from: Indian, Brazilian, American, Arabic, Princess or footballer
√ Take off glass pieces with the help of a tweezer from the skin
√ Clean medicine with a cotton ball
√ Apply band aid
√ Use a water shower to clean off any bleeding
√ Remove painful pimple with an injection simulator
√ Scan bone fractures with an xray
√ Apply bandage to fix broken bones
√ Use a stethoscope to check heart beat
√ Electric shock to get body response
√ Remove bugs and insects with a throat pump
√ Give medication or syrup for quick recovery
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