Crochet Kitchen Set Decoration

Crochet Kitchen Set Decoration


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Confused what to do with your old flip-flops? If they're in good shape, but you want to turn them into fashionable pieces, then we've got you covered. Decorating flip-flops is a creative way to pass idle time at home, and turn your old flip-flops into new works of art. Plus, by the end of this project, you'll have 'new' footwear ready for use in the wardrobe. Depending on your taste and taste, select the appropriate decoration materials - ribbons, bows, buttons, rhinestones, pearls, beads, shells, embroidery thread - to work on. In addition, choose an adhesive or use a needle and thread to decorate your footwear.

Decor Flip Flops

Just before summer approaches, we always go around to get our shorts, skirts, sundresses, and cute bikinis. Well, we can not forget the flip-flops now, right? And with this wonderful idea, you will wonder how you can live without them for so long.

Using ribbons to decorate your flip-flops is a classy and smart idea. All you have to do is roll the ribbon around each rope. Select one or more ribbons to wrap the straps. Flash bands look amazing in the sun, and can make good footwear for the night party as well. Cut the ribbon tape long enough so that you can wrap it around the rope properly. You do not want to tape the two ends of the tape while working on the project.

Use this to make flip-flops look jazzy and funky. They add the missing bling in your clothes. You will get plastic gems, colored stones, sequins, and more on the market. To create a flip flop that adorns, buy previously drilled gems with your choice of colors and embroidered strings. Sew the gems through the strings and then glue them over the two flip flop straps. Secure the tip by sticking it together properly.

Floral Prints
You can use beautiful prints available on the market. Buy large plastic flowers, like sunflowers, roses, daisies, to glue where the two ropes meet. Take a piece of contrast cloth and stick it along your flip-flops strap. Now glue the big flower in the middle and let it dry.

Print Design
Painting abstract design on your flip flops? Now we're talking! For retro effects, you can create polka dots in footwear. If you are interested in a theme, then a blend of purple, orange, pink, and black will do the trick. You can paint hearts, butterflies, flowers, stripes, stars, and more. Do not forget to paint the straps and also increase the passion and interest of footwear.

Crochet Kitchen Set Decoration

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