Crocodile Attack Mermaid

Crocodile Attack Mermaid


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Crocodile Attack Mermaid bring you a unique game theme with these two species.
We are getting more and more often to see crocodile existing on the beach now.
Some of them even swim into deeper sea and that is really a surprise for us.
The world is changing not only at the human side but also on the animal side.
We use to heard shark in sea attack other smaller animal include lovely mermaid.
There are more and more challenging things that we are going to face right now.
World is no longer as simple as before and each individual fight for survival.
That is the scary part of living on the earth because many unexpected things.
Like shark suddenly attack you can not runaway even you swim fast like mermaid.
Wild living crocodile is very aggressive for surviving not only like simulator.
Just a little chance or within seconds everything could change on anyone here.
Crocodile Attack Mermaid is a game showing you how to keep surviving for life.
Mermaid is myth in the world and some people claim they saw them in real before.
But there are no evidence showing about this after so many year or fake news.
Everyone just in love with them because they are just so beautiful and lovely.
It is just hardly to hear anything bad about them even they might not existing.
Unless one day any shark able to attack and talk any mermaid down from the myth.
We can only count on creature of film movie animation or graphic to see them.
We hope while playing Crocodile Attack Mermaid you could learn more about them.
The game play is simple yet challenging and require your high focusing power.
In wild life of crocodile showing you how simulator run his attacking method.
Crocodile could be the most ugly hunter in the world with its scary outlook.

How to play Crocodile Attack Mermaid
- Use super power to destroy all crocodile
- Avoid attack from crocodile

This is a very interesting game that you would easily addicted with it.
Let's see what special thing you can make with Crocodile Attack Mermaid now!
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    2017-09-04 02:08:12

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