Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D

Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D


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This swampland beast terrorizes all animal and living creatures with its deadly wild nature. Play as wetland carnivorous reptile and crawl towards people and animals to attack them in this crocodile simulation game.

Crocodile Attack 3D Simulation game is full of anger and blaze of the angry swamp crocodile, use your animal instinct and attack other animals and peoples with vicious power and rage. Take control of most wild predators reptile swamp monster, all animals in forest are scared from the bloodthirsty hungry eyes, sharp teeth, deadly roar of the wildlife simulator alligator rampage. Download this crocodile simulator and attack on dangerous carnivores wild predators. Be a part of epic battle between survival of the fittest in animal simulators. Survive against wildlife reptiles in this ultimate crocodile simulator.

An angry giant renegade crocodile swim through swamp dark water found its way out of woodland and entering in populated city area. People are screaming and running to save their lives from might jaws of this predator deadliest hunters. Play as hungry alligator crawling to farm house and attack everyone comes on your way. Hunt some yummy animal’s chop some fish make them prey for the empty stomach of this wild giant gator. Attack people in the boat, farmhouse or anywhere you get in this map of animal simulators. Crocodile family attack boats do crocodile hunting and kill these dangerous animals.

You had played goat, snake, lion, horse, humpback whales, wolf simulator now try your hands on controlling angry wildlife simulator crocodile. Swim in the swamp or crawl through dark water or lush greenery environment with dangerous animals & humpback whales. Crocs are deadliest hunters they eats people hunts down these crocos in this realistic simulator.

Brand new fun crocodile simulator game for entire family all age youngster boys, girls and teens even mature people can enjoy this animal swamp crocodile realistic simulator with unlimited fun.


★Realistic 3D retina graphics with amazing map locations
★Roam free to explore open water map locations in this croc attack sim
★15 Challenging missions for engaging game play
★ Realistic physics for croc crawl and swim
★ Explore map locations like Sea, beach, jungle, farmhouse, mountain for hidden objects
★ Hunt down wildlife animal, cow, horse, rabbit, hen and more
★ Chase Ninja master found hidden Dinosaur Rex in the woods or hillside
★ Real life jungle sound effects to enhance your gaming experience

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