curseditor(code editor)

curseditor(code editor)


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Key point:
- When you use direct input with keyboard , you should make IME OFF.
- To change the way how to replace, push [Rep] button in a long term.

If you felt good of curseditor, please purchase CurseditorEX from following URL !
Enjoy programming with curseditor !!
Easy edit in your hand, up to 1MB lightly !!
Easy edit with DOUBLE-HANDED and TWO-FINGERS !!
Any time, everywhere, you can have an experience like programming on PC !!
This curseditor is a simple, cursor-based and light-weight text editor, and mainly used for programming of C/C++/Java/JavaScript/html/python/ruby and so on, on an android phone.
(hdpi:>=480*800, mdpi:>=320*480, ldpi:>=240*400).

curseditor features:
- Pinch in/out to change the text size.
- Wide edit area.
- Direct touch.
- Code navigation, text highlighting.
- Edit ascii codes with toggled buttons, and direct input with Keyboard.
- Edit other codes than ascii with KEYWORD BOX.
- Fit font size to terminal setting automatically.
- Flick control (up/down/left/right).
- Auto and manual indent.
- Text file format is compatible with Windows/DOS/Linux/Unix/Mac !
- Multi character codes selection !
- Acceptable codes: UTF7, UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, euc-jp, euc-kr, shift-jis, GBK, GB18030, Big5, Big5-HKSCS, ISO-8859-1/2/5/7, KOI-8R, KOI-8U, Windows-1250/1251/1252/1253, ISO-2022-CN/CN-EXT/JP/KR, TIS-620.
- Cursor keys to edit easily !
- Easy copy cut & paste !
- Search and replace.
- Call external application !
- Two input methods.
- Make it better, the usability of checking if saved.
- Restart completely.

Please see help in MENU key ,and TUTORIAL below.

(long-press:keep moving.) 
(with [SH]:Move cursor to each edge.)

Direct touch on Edit view to move cursor to your favorite position.
Longer touch can activate Keyboard.

Use BUFFER to do above actions.
(long-press of [PT]: Paste words in KEYWORD BOX.) 
(New input method: [MK] is replaced to direct touch action of twice.)

Toggle and input a code with following buttons.
([SH]: Toggle above buttons of each line)

[SP]: Input a space.
(long-press : Input a tab.)
(If already selected, insert it into all heads of selected lines.)

[LF][CR][CL]: Input an line feed code.
(long-press with [SH]:Toggle above buttons, LF/CR/CL(CR+LF).)

At right-bottom edge on Edit view.
Touch (also clear with [SH]), and input.
Long-press of [PT]: Paste words in it.

[JUMP]: Jump by percentage. 
       (with [SH] : Jump by line number.)
[KBD]: Activate keyboard.

=Flick control =
You can do Flick-control UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT on Edit view.

=MENU key= 
 File tree view, FILE PATH BOX, 4 buttons appear. 
 [save]: Save file whose name is in FILE PATH BOX. 
 [open]: Open file whose name is in FILE PATH BOX. 
 [close]: Close file.
 [sync]: Synchronize the file tree to file path in FILE PATH BOX. 

mode: Enter curseditor mode, and following buttons appear.
 [Pste]:Paste words in KEYWORD BOX.
 [Copy]:Copy selected words to KEYWORD BOX.
 [Srch]:Search words in KEYWORD BOX.
 [Rep]:Replace words in KEYWORD BOX to ones in BUFFER.
       (long-press : Replace extension menues appear.)

orientation: Change the orientation.

input: Change the input method.

external: Call external application.

 [code]: Change the character code.
 [navigation]: Change the level of the code navigation.
[button]: Change the width of buttons.

help: View the help.

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