DentFinder - Find Car Dents ++

DentFinder - Find Car Dents ++


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DentFinder is an easy to use and extremely useful app with which you can track even the smallest dents and bumps on the surface of cars, for example. Dings that are invisible to the naked eye immediately become visible.
Motorcycle, car, bike, quad, ship or yacht or even helicopter - paint defects can be tracked easily on vehicles with DentFinder.

The technology is simple and ingenious. Through the reflection of the specific line pattern (line reflection) on the paint surface, you can immediately recognise bumps due to the resulting curving in the lines. A bend in the lines on a flat surface is a dent or bump. The thickness of the line curvature gives information about the depth of the dent or the height of the bump.

Especially when purchasing a vehicle it is worth investigating the body with DentFinder and introducing the findings into the price negotiation. Dents that have arisen due to hail, for example, often occur without paint damage (scratches or splits), and are therefore difficult to see with the naked eye. Without DentFinder, it might be months before deformations are noticed. Using the DentFinder app you can detect such defects as early as the first inspection. DentFinder is always with you and you don't need to carry any extensive equipment. DentFinder works like a stripe board, but is many times cheaper. DentFinder is an absolutely professional tool at a small price. DentFinder saves more than it costs.

Examples of use for the DentFinder app:

- Documentation of damages when returning a lease
- Finding dents and bumps in surfaces
- Discover damage when purchasing a vehicle
- Find micro damage to motor vehicles
- Detecting defects after body repairs (disturbances in the vehicle surface)
- Quality control of surfaces during production
- Irregularities after smoothing work

How best to use DentFinder:

- The smartphone or tablet is held over the surface, so that the pattern reflected in the surface
- The test surfaces should be clean as possible
- The test surfaces must be dry and free from condensation
- Do not use DentFinder in direct sunlight if possible
- If you are in the sun, make sure that you always work against the sun. Furthermore, choose a high-contrast pattern according to the paint color
- Set the display to maximum brightness
- A darkened environment ensures better visibility
- So that you can rediscover the found spot immediately, it is recommended that you use a suitable PDR marker to mark the spot
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