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Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard


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Dextr® is the faster, simpler, smarter texting solution for smartphones and tablets.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the letters on your keyboard are so scrambled up?
And why it’s so hard to remember?
And why it takes so long learn?
It makes no sense at all.

And haven't you ever wished they were in good old alphabetical order?
Just like the keys on your old mobile phone?
Well, now they are!

Meet Dextr – finally a finger-friendly alphabetical keyboard that makes perfect sense.
The keyboard that’s as easy as A B C!

The keys are arranged alphabetically – they’re all where you'd expect them to be (there’s only one memory trick: where we've placed the "Z" key). Dextr's super fast to learn. In fact, there's no learning curve at all.
We’ve even highlighted and aligned the vowels into one column – the most common letters are now the easiest to find!

Dextr makes texting a breeze – it's been specially designed around your nimble fingers, thumbs and hands.
* The buttons are fingertip sized and fingertip shaped
* And they’re spaced one finger-width apart
* So you’ll never hit the wrong key again
* With adaptable layouts for all texting styles – one finger, one thumb, two thumbs… even one-handed
* With special layouts for left-handers!

Create words and phrases more efficiently than ever with our handy and intuitive text prediction tool. Just type the first letter and Dextr helps you finish the word. And it learns as you type – suggesting the next word in your sentence before you've even typed it. That means a lot more texting with a lot less keystrokes.

Plus! Dextr gives you:
* Even more function keys – including a back arrow.
* The most useful punctuation is now right there on the home screen
* A full set of number, math and currency keys
* A full set of punctuation and symbol keys
Dextr really is as easy as A B C !
We’ve tested Dextr extensively, If you do find any bugs, please go to our web site and contact us or report it on our forum.
Dextr has special dictionaries for the following languages (Just type “Dextr” + your language in the Google Play search bar):
English: English US
English: English UK
French: Français
German: Deutsch
Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia
Italian: Italiano
Malaysian: Bahasa Melayu
Polish: Polski
Portuguese PT: Português
Portuguese BR: Português brasileiro
Spanish ES: Español castellano
Spanish LA : Español americano
Filipino: Tagalog
Turkish: Türkçe
Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt

More dictionaries will be added soon!
(Dextr still works fine without installing dictionaries – simply skip Step 4 of the Installation process.)

And if you like this app, please rate it below.

Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard does not learn your password and never collects or sends your private data. Dextr also provides a Private Mode option which prevents the keyboard from learning what you type.
The warning message you see upon installation that says Dextr Keypad may be able to collect ‘all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers’ is a standard Android message. This same message pops up when you activate any third party keyboard application. You will see this message for every other keyboard application as well.

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