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Dog Sounds


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Dog sounds for fun for kids, adults, dogs, cats or others animals. This game have collection of different type of barking, howling, whining, growling, angry dogs sounds, puppy sounds and whistles. Play sounds from the app to your dog and see how he will react to other dog barking. Here is also dogs and puppy sounds for free. Share this game with your friends, family or boss have fun with dog bark. Your pet will love this great dog soundboard. Also you can use this app like whistle to train your dog.

Helpful game for controlling dogs and cats with variety of dog sounds like real dog barks, dogs in fight, dog chasing and imitating cats, dog chasing and imitating babies kinds of sounds. Also included are sounds like dog crying, dogs being happy.

Specialty dog sounds like dog imitating cat sounds and dog imitating babies are unique only for this dog sounds app.

If you have a baby who loves learning animal sounds or a puppy that goes crazy when he hears dogs barking? Maybe you're just obsessed with dogs and want to listen to them barking all day. If you're seeking high quality dog sounds, you've found the right app!

If you are into dog training this app suits very well with all the available dog sounds game. Dog trainer and great teaser for dogs and cats.

Best animal sounds game in play market for best dog soundboard. If you need pet sounds, this is the app for you.

Here is lots of dogs sounds, mainly popular in the world dogs:
* Labrador bark
* Angry rottweiler
* Terrier growl
* Sheepdog barking
* Cocker spaniel whining
* Doberman howling
* Schnauzer guarding sound
* Pit bull in rage sounds
* German shepherd
* Spaniels
* Puppies
* Puppies games

Each of the dog or animal sounds can you used for dog training similar to how dog whistle can be used by dog trainers. Great companion for pet owners along with dog whistle
Easy to use: just press on image to trigger a bark, growl, whining or howl. Please note that the dog sounds are not exactly related to the dog breeds on each image.

Dog sounds game is also perfect for people or kids who want to learn more about dogs. You can learn various sounds from various breeds and also see various dogs’ expression. You kids will enjoy seeing these cute doggies and puppies bark and howl with various expressions.
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