Dolphin keyboard  Dolphin theme ocean  The sea

Dolphin keyboard Dolphin theme ocean The sea


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There are many legends about dolphins, and some are true. For example, the Greek historian Lu Tu Tu Tu in the "Arian legend," a book recorded such an incredible story: Yarion is living in the 6th century BC, the famous lyric poet and musicians, Once in Italy after the tour, a large number of money to take a boat to return to Corinth, on the way, sailors see money jealousy, trying to murder. At that time, Arion asked him to sing a song, sailors agreed. Who knows, his beautiful song actually attracted countless marine monster! After he was thrown into the sea, one of them put him on the shore. This mysterious animal is the famous dolphin. Even in modern times, the activities of the dolphins have been repeated, such as the "History of Nature" magazine published in 1949, published a Florida lawyer was submerged in the sea was a coma in the past, just the occasion of life and death, near a dolphin Pushed her on the beach.
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