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This is a simple application that currently contains three very fun mini games!
All completely free!

The 3 mini games are:
1) Shooting Duck: In this game the objective is to kill a duck in each round, always trying to kill the one with the highest score possible. In each round you can only kill one duck and there is a minimum number of points that need to be achieved to advance to the next level. In each round there is a timeout, at the end of that time a new round starts, each level has a certain number of rounds and from level to level the time between rounds is decreasing!
2) Survival: int this game all you have to do is prevent the yellow ducks to pass through the screen! There are also red ducks, which are to be ignored, and green ducks, giving extra lives.
3) Flappy Duck: This game was inspired by the game Flappy Bird, the goal is to help a little duck to cross the lake without it collide with the rocks.

All the application is free, there is nothing that is necessary to buy for improvements. Levels of shooting duck are unlimited and you can erase all progress and start again with completely different levels!

This application was developed with the primary purpose of self learning programming for android, is my first android application and ask you to take this into account when rating the application. I appreciate any suggestions or criticisms, it will be very important to improve the application and take into account to the development of the next!

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    2017-02-04 05:34:36

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    Android 2.3+

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