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Easy phone for blind


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Easy Phone is an application designed for people who are blind or visually . (trial version: 3 weeks)
It can be used in 'touch', or even use the voice recognition system to execute commands or write text messages, emails and notes. Also available is a special touch qwerty keyboard, specially developed, which allows its use even for people who are blind, without the need for media Braille.
• Phone: allows you to make phone calls using the contact list, call list view.
• SMS: allows you to write, read, delete sms, sms display list
• Email: allows you to write read, delete Gmail email account.
• Contacts: allows you to manage your contacts.
• Applications can launch the applications installed on the device.
• Notes: notepad type application for the blind.
• Utilities: Allows quick access to date and time, phone status information such as battery level, set the volume, read notifications, set vibration and speakerphone.
• Quick Contacts: allows you to make calls quickly from a list of contacts that are pre-set by the user.
• Configuration: allows you to set your GMail account, voice commands, the keyboard, the phone numbers of the contacts fast and settings related to TTS and voice recognition. (This feature requires the support of a able-bodied people)

How to use.
• Touchscreen: sliding your fingers on the left (3/4) screen voice synthesis will read the text located under your finger, instead of sliding your fingers on the right (1/4) of the screen will activate the 'sliding' of the page.
To 'click' of a button or turn the focus of a text must exert pressure long (no double clik).
In the pages that display lists (eg call list, contact list) to select an item you have to exert a long press on the right side (1/4) of the screen.
Important: The sensitivity of the device screen could affect on the usability of the application. In addition to proper use must execute the commands after the TTS has completed its action.
• VoiceRecognition: the command that is performed depends on the focus, if we are in the main voice commands will open other pages, if the focus is on text box on the 'Contact' will start the search for the contact pronounced, the recognizer will allow you to write edit and delete text by voice. This allows you to write, read and edit SMS and email and notes using the only voice.
Voice commands can be set in the configuration page.

Easy Phone is a multilingual application based on technologies TTS (Text To Speech), Voice Recognition provided by Google.
The basic languages supported are 5 (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese), support for other languages please write to: southdevtec@gmail.com.

To configure these functionality refer to the example below:
Language Speech (TTS):
allows you to select the language for the TTS, the value of the Default list select the language set on the device. Some languages that appear in the list may not be supported by the device.
To set the device SAMSUNG Samsung TTS text-to-speech engine to Google Text-to-speech engine
http://www.gamoon.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=25% 3ATTS & catid = 1 & Itemid = 5% 3Agame

Language Recognition:
allows you to select the language for the Voice Recognition, the value of the Default list select the language set on the device. Some languages that appear in the list may not be supported by the device.

System Requirements:
We support all Android phones version 4.3.0 and higher. The offline voice recognition is only supported with version 3.4 and later. In this case you should install language for speech recognition offline.
Even the notification feature is only supported by versions 4.3 and later, and you have to set the device to allow

For more information (www.gamoon.it) or suggestions please send an e-mail southdevtec@gmail.com

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